Canadian Lead Generation – Full Companies Review for the B2B Market

In the field of business, lead generation involves drawing lead attention, which is your targeted customers into a marketing software system. The purpose of attracting the customers is to promote them through the process of buying with the intention of converting them into long-time customers.  There are specified strategies used to generate the contacts by the business to ensure you engage the right leads for the future of the business. It involves promoting trust and enlightening the customer about your business and all you offer. Let us highlight the lead generation companies in Canada below.

Lead Generation Companies Canada


Martal is a B2B sales partner for tech companies

MartalGroup Company is specialized in lead generation and sales agency for B2B tech-related companies. MartalGroup Company will promote your in-hose sales group by creating lead generation, using top sales executives on-demand, and promoting sales services across more than 50 verticals. Martal company is an expert on the following:

  • Creating leads for the business
  • Sales performance management
  • Marketing activities
  • Business development


Microtasking marketplace for AI

We are happy with Martal Group engagement, as they helped us get our feet on the ground in North America and provided a diversified high-quality lead flow, making hundreds of introductions to potential clients that resulted in first contract signed in 2 months.


Many business set-ups struggle day-in-day-out to find solutions on how to reach their targeted customers. At the same time, they spend more time and other resources to fulfill the objective. As they strive to get their potential customers, they must ensure the company is performing well at the same time. It can be a hard deal, but with CanadaDirect Company, you can get all the activities done instantly.

CanadaDirect has reinvented outbound marketing and revolutionized the telemarketing industry through the development of the Voice Assistant Solution (VAS). By meshing people with technology, our VAS system delivers the Perfect Call Everytime.

CanadaDirect teams are professionals in contact centers solution, which enables the team to give the clients the best services ever. CanadaDirect is specialized in the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing activities
  • Lead generation
  • Business development

Matt Gardner, Director of Marketing & Operations, FiveStrata

CanadaDirect has exceeded my expectations in every way. I love their call center technology, which produces consistent high quality results. In addition, their management team is absolutely great to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone (except my competitors)!

Beyond Codes, Inc.

Beyond Codes is among the best lead generation and appointment firm in Canada. The company was found in 2008, where it began as a garage in Simi Valley. Ever since then, the company has grown up to the top 5 best lead generation firms.

Beyond Codes Inc. strives to reach a wide range of countries, and they offer multilingual campaigns in more than 35 countries. With more than 350 skilled personnel, the company sets up B2B appointments and lead generation services to more than 70 product and service companies.

The company sends team of experts to the companies to help them in making critical decisions to build the best sales pipeline for their businesses. Beyond Codes Inc. is located in Simi Valley, Canada, you can reach to them through 8057913001


VoiceLogic has been in operation since 1996 as the best lead generation, call center, and voice broadcast firm. Located in Toronto, Canada, VoiceLogic specializes in using advanced technology to provide the best services in lead generation, inbound call center for B2B and B2C businesses, marketing services, among other services. If you need an upgrade on your business, reach out to VoiceLogic via 1.866.611.7667, and they will provide an appointment setting, call center services, improve business leads, and help in marketing activities.

100% Delivery on every call

With VoiceLogic your message is 100% delivered on the first attempt of every call – guaranteed! Our live operators will read a script, or play your customized message into voicemail, dramatically increasing your productivity and helping you reach your goals.


OnPath started its operation in 1993. Since then, the company has created a team of more than 140 highly skilled workers.  OnPath understands all the dimensions and difficulties involved in lead generation services. The company has collaborated with Yellow pages, American Express, Google, and IBM brands. If the company fulfills the needs of such big brands, it will make your dream become a reality as well.

OnPath delivers your message appropriately, i.e., at the right time to the right person by leveraging clicks, conversions, and calls. Although the process is a bit hard, OnPath has laid up procedures and strategies to help you get great leads. The company uses processes such as TRIPS, OnRamp, ClearPath, POP, and SmmartPath to ensure they do the right thing for your business.

OnPath is located in Ottawa, Canada, and you can reach to them via 1.855.420.3244


ADS LAB is a SEO and pay per click management firm located in Toronto, Canada. The goal of the company is to conduct research and come up with creative techniques that will enable their client’s businesses to make more sales and generate more leads. Customers are essential for the success of any business. As a result, ADSLAB will find a solution on how to win and maintain a good relationship between the business and the customers.

Contact ADS LAB via (+1) 647-955-2252 for sales, marketing activities, lead generation, and functional customer relation needs. In the end, you will save your time and resources.

One Touch Solutions

Located in Oakville, Canada, One Touch Solutions is specialized in delivering successful solutions to your business. The company provides the best services aimed at creating the best platform for your business. The main purpose of One Touch Solutions is to create a personalized solution to enable the customers to realize the values of the products or services. The company also relieves the clients from other activities so that they can concentrate on other activities in the office while other tasks are on track. Get in touch with One Touch Solutions via +1.647.724.8755 and get the best solution for your business.


Optima started its operations in 1992as a telemarketing boutique. Since then, the company has maintained the main people, and it has grown immensely in delivering quality services to esteemed clients. Up to date, Optima has a bilingual network with more than 500 workstations located in Montreal, Whitby, and Toronto.

OPTIMA professionals can comfortably handle the entire functions related to your customer contacts or handle part of the services according to your preference. The company will help you in making the purchase decision and technical activities related to B2B and B2C products or services.

OPTIMA is located in Toronto, Canada, and you can reach to them via 416.581.1236


VOXDATA has been supplying outsourced call centers services every single day, 24 hours since 1995, to meet our customer’s requirements. The company has handled over 250 call programs that have turned out successfully. There are Toronto and Montreal social and economic centers. VOXDATA experts can serve French and English speaking clients professionally. Transparency and openness are the main objectives of the company

The company strives to become the leading outsourcer of personalized and improved contact center solutions. The team is friendly and will give your clients a room to express themselves clearly so that they can feel comfortable.

VOXDATA uses emerging technologies, industry expertise, and other best practices to collaborate with other partnerships to deliver the best contact center and offer the required solutions.

VOXDATA is located in Montreal, Canada, and you can contact them through 514.871.1920

Conclusion. How to select the best lead generation company from Canada?

If you have a business and want to take it to the next level, you can always reach out to lead generation agency that will offer extensive services to see your business rise. Check out the above companies and choose the one that will suit your business needs. Most lead generation companies to check the customer’s profile and create sales appointments to direct you on the best decisions for your company needs.

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