What is outbound lead generation?

Outbound lead generation is the sending or pushing of messages out at a target audience.

(Client) Can I don't' use it in 2020?

(Datarob) Yes, but not for B2B.

(Client) Why?

(Datarob) Because it will have too expensive Client Acquisition cost and will not outreach your target audience.

(Client) OMG

Important to know that In Datarob, we focused only on two critical things: outbound lead generation and sales operations. It helps our Clints to win the sales battle compare to any competitors.

Why outbound lead generation better than inbound?

For B2B segment outbound lead generation is better than inbound:

  • you can reach any target audience including top managers
  • you can scale your outreach. For example, Datarob suggests service with a price near 2 dollars per lead. You can invest 2000 monthly at the begging and improve it to 10 000 leads per month without any additional activities.
  • you can outsource outbound lead generation for another company like Datarob
  • you can start outbound in 2-3 years compare 6-12 months for inbound lead generation
  • you can use a lot of channels (mail, LinkedIn, social, etc.) compare website for inbound
  • cost of lead is cheaper than for inbound
  • you can research principally new auditory
  • A/B testing more is more transparent as you know your Ideal Customer Profile and can play near it

Why all companies ignore outbound lead generation for B2B?

Correct, only 20% of companies try to use outbound, and only 5% can build a robust outbound system. They said to make the best product, and the Client will select your product.

Are you so young to believe in this?

There is no clear answer for why companies are ignoring growth, but Datarob leans some of them from our Clients:

  • Outbound requires a complete understanding of the segmentation of the target audiences. If you lose, you can't find a proper audience.
  • You have to use a lot of tools to generate outbound
  • A lot of legal regulation like GDPR to limit outreach
  • People thinking that there is no future without paying to FAANG
  • The more educated team is required to operate in B2B
  • Easy to lose reputation or obtain a ban for website or domain
  • Most people prefer easy solutions: to do nothing or pay for Google advertising

What is the best channel for outbound lead generation in 2020?

Cold mail for lead generation

Yes, correct, Cold mails are still working in 2020 as the best instrument for outbound lead generation.

Follow fundamental institution to make mail outreach effective:

Remember that the subject line is a critical factor for open rate:

  • use their name in the subject line when it makes sense.
  • Make the subject line as specific as possible. The more personal the subject line, the higher the open rate.
  • If you wonder if it sounds too much like a "marketing email", then it does sound too much like a marketing email.
  • Experiment with questions in subject lines.
  • Always deliver in your email what you promise in your subject line (if the disconnect is too big, you're going to get good open rates but bad responses).

Personalize, and lean towards an account-based marketing approach

“Dear customer”

OMG! Does anything scream “boring message ahead” louder than these two words?

Avoid addressing leads with generic terms and sales messages. It drains personality from your email, replacing it with a robotic corporate tone that repels leads.

Use short paragraphs and sentences

Internalize the follow-up

80 percent of B2B requires an average of four-five follow-ups. Do you always do this?

After just one attempt, most of the sales stop doing anything.

LinkedIn for outbound lead generation

Of all of the B2B sources used, LinkedIn is the most business-oriented. Just look at numbers:

  • LinkedIn stats show that 93% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn is the most effective site for lead generation
  • According to Inside View information, LinkedIn outdoes Facebook, Twitter and blogging for individual lead generation
  • More than 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn

In Datarob, we can confirm that the cost of MQL( as a result of the cost of SQL too) is the cheapest than from any other channels. For a B2B tech company looking to generate leads, those are promising statistics. The question becomes how to develop a LinkedIn B2B lead generation marketing strategy as part of an overall social media marketing plan.

On LinkedIn, you’re able to target your audience with a much smart option — including geolocation, actual workplace and job title, past companies, industry, profile language, background and certification, non-profit interests, and education. You can found emigrants from your country or gold players from your industry. Or Ask, and we help you with this.

A simple example of a connection message in LinkedIn:

Kindly add me to your prof network. I'm searching for only a blockchain stream to develop my expertise and connections.

Smart commenting for outbound lead generation

The best example of a source for smart comments is website Quora.

Quora is providing the most quality traffic to your blog because people who are searching and asking a question on the site are looking for feedback on products or services they are ready to use or purchase.

Some small tips to obtain great leads from Quora:

Create a tremendous and profy profile

Always add value in your message, show great expertise in every response

Always follow only relevant topics

Contact your followers: Send direct messages and find people n Linkedin. Make multitouch

On Stage 2, use multi-accounting and help of friends to provide multilevel responses and dialogs. Have I used fake accounts? Sorry, but Yes.

On stage 3, use SEO for your links and responses to help people find your content. Google search Bot likes Quora - use it for your own business.

Guerrilla marketing for lead generation

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that uses unconventional methods, often at a low cost, to get your message across. This could be as simple as putting stickers or posters up around your neighborhood, or it could be something more involved, like organizing a flash mob.

Some working  examples of Guerrilla marketing for lead generation:

  • use 10-20 LinkedIn accounts with Bots and VPNS per SDR for mass outreach
  • Ask your company members comment on your Lineding or Youtube post and then send a direct message to all who were interested
  • suggest free bonus, for example, Datarob suggests free 50-200 leads as it's more cheaper than engage new Client in another way
  • Outreach Clients of your competitor

Can Datarob help me with complex B2B outbound lead Generation?

Yes, just fill the from and waint for a intro call: