А detailed guide for intensive lead generation companies at the end of 2020

B2B Lead Generation

  1. Lead Generation Agency
  2. Lead Generation Company
  3. Lead generation agency vs. lead generation company
  4. Do you require B2B Lead Generation?

Inbound Lead Generation

  1. Content marketing
  2. Guest posting
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Visitors tracking
  5. Referral programs, trials, and coupons
  6. Chatbots and other hot features

Outbound Lead Generation

  1. Email outreach
  2. Online advertising including PPC
  3. Professional networking
  4. Messenger lead generation
  5. Lead generation specialists

Ledgen companies

B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation means engaging and converting prospects into potential clients that are likely to buy your product or service. It can be done through a website, content marketing, newsletters, social media activities, referral programs, spam, and more. Leads are a part of a company sales pipeline, boosting business growth as a valuable source of new clients.

It's a good decision to incorporate lead generation throughout an entire sales process and within the sales funnel. The number of clients you can bring depends on conversion rates, quality, and quantity of sales leads.

The most important thing is not just to obtain more leads, but to have an on-going stream of leads, with an estimation of a price per lead. Then, after you know the cost of client engagement and conversion rates, you can develop a business growth plan.

After a lead is validated, it goes to a sales manager. The best sales managers demonstrating a high number of closed deals are located in your region and have a strong network. You need to take good care of such experts. The worst thing to do is to give them a routine task like lead generation. It most definitely will lead to the stagnation of your business.

Lead Generation Agency

A lead generation agency or a marketing agency provides full-cycle long-term cooperation and creates a multichannel lead generation approach. This strategy requires a massive budget for a minimum of 6-12 months.

A lead generation agency can replace your marketing department completely, but it usually supports it. As consultants, the level of experts in a lead generation agency can be higher than that in client departments.

The most common channels for lead generation agency are:

  • top content and guest posting
  • development of a powerful company website
  • bloggers, influences, offsite events

Lead Generation Company

Using an external service for lead generation is the most viable way to bring in the leads. You can build your own team or engage a lead generation company that you can trust.

The most common channels for a lead generation company are:

  • mail and LinkedIn outreach based on ICP
  • PPC and any other paid advertising
  • social media like Facebook or LinkedIn

As a lead generation company does a lot of work,

No lead generation routine for your sales stars!

Lead generation agency vs. lead generation company

The main differences between lead generation agency vs. company are:

  1. A lead generation company provides a stream of leads from several channels. A lead generation agency offers a strategy as the central value and then helps to improve it.

2. A lead generation company can estimate the cost of a qualified lead, the client cost, and the value of the channel. A lead generation agency can estimate the cost of brand growth, market share etc.

3. A lead generation agency is an excellent solution for medium-sized businesses and enterprise companies. A lead generation company is the best solution for small businesses, startups, or grey niches.

4. Customers can replace a lead generation company, but switching to another lead gen agency can be extremely hard.

Business development strategy: hire local sales, accounting, and content managers. Use external lead generation as a service.

Do you require B2B Lead Generation services?

It is believed that all companies require active lead generation. But it's not true. Take a look at our checklist below to find out if your company requires a lead generation specialist or service:

  • your strategic goal is to grow fast

  • your company has enough staff resources if new clients come in droves

  • your typical client pays for services or your investors cover the cost of each new client

  • you have an agreed expected cost of a new client > (cost per lead)*(conversion rate)

  • you and your team have utilized free and close to free channels for lead gen like friends, recommendations, etc.

  • your industry is competitive and you just can't wait. Run or die.

If your answer is "yes" to almost all questions, you need to improve your lead generation services critically.

In lead generation, we can see two main streams: inbound and outbound lead generation. Both are marketing activities but done in a different way, having separate budgets and requiring highly-specialized digital marketers.

Inbound Lead generation

Inbound lead generation suggests developing of content and ad campaigns that help website or social platform users obtain information they need and occasionally converting them into leads. With inbound generation, your brand will gain a strong online presence, both in Google and social media.

It's your inbound marketing strategy that can protect your reputation from being that annoying cold caller disturbing people who don't need your service.

Is inbound lead generation always better than outbound?

A mix of inbound and outbound lead generation helps in strengthening a brand with the quantity and quality of leads. A lead generation specialist will develop the best strategy combining different methods to achieve synergy in order improve the power of brand with the quantity and quality of leads.

Some marketing experts believe that an inbound strategy is better. It's expected that a Client acquired via inbound is more prepared, loyal and knows your product well.

It's correct but some limits apply:

  • an inbound client often sends requests to several competing companies. Thus, an outbound request often is less competitive.
  • outbound can be cheaper per lead for mass lead generation

Inbound lead generation strategies and use cases for 2020

Lead generation is a new and highly competitive area. Activities which were great 3 years ago don't work now. These include:

  • outreach in LinkedIn or Xing
  • plugins for LinkedIn
  • extensive email spamming (black email marketing)
  • visiting non-specialized conferences like Websummit

Approaches like personal recommendations, professional conferences, meetups, catalogs of companies like clutch.io are still effective.

Next are the use  cases for digital marketing in 2020:

Content factory and skillful blog posting

Content marketing is a core long-term strategy for any brand. It's highly effective and pays off if done by professional team.

Having a highly convertible website with excellent content can be a source for ready-to-buy leads. In most cases, it's very comfortable and easy for the sales team to close deal with a lead who left a request via the website. Do check if your website is SEO-optimized so your potentials can find you on Google. Create unique content for readers on your core pages including home page, blog, and SEO content for inbound traffic generation.

Lead Generation Specialist Content Datarob

Guest posting service

Guest posting is a next-level strategy after writing content for your website. After the blog has attracted a certain number of users, the natural growth of new readers will slow down naturally. At this point, you can start guest posting on external blogs and platforms. This will attract a new audience and even allow you to leave links to your website promoting it.l

The main requirement is that the articles should be written excellently. Many blogs require a fee for posting your article that includes a link to your website.

A guest posting service is the most popular strategy for digital marketing teams. The best tool to check how your guest posting strategy works is Ahrefs.

ahrefs guest posting tools datarob

SMM leadgen: Social Media marketing for lead generation

Social media marketing is about promoting a product or service using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As you probably know, social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of humanity.

More than 50% of people in the world use Facebook, while youth prefers Instagram and Snapchat.

facebook for lead generation

Core directions for SMM:

  • gaining website traffic and sharing content through social media sites.

  • forming you brand strength

  • engaging new clients

  • information and supporting your actual clients

  • increasing your client loyalty

  • motivating the client to do extra actions like to buy extension or recommend your product or service to friends

Social Media Marketing Datarob

Tracking visitors to your website

Any blogger or site owner worth his or her salt will tell you that knowing how your site is performing is essential.

Add all of your visitors to Facebook or LinkedIn re-marketing campaigns to give them an opportunity to come back later and order your service.

Referral programs, free trial periods, coupons, and more

Clients love to save money and get all kinds of deals. Try to engage more and more new users using these tools without calculating the net profit. Think of it as an investment or a cost of engagement of new users.

The easiest way to get an idea of a good promo is to monitor what your competitors are running, or copy promos you see in other cities, countries, or on the internet.

Promo works in synergy with Social Media Marketing and email outreach for returning clients.

Sales Chatbot: New, hot feature for lead gen

Implement a chatbot on your website pages to obtain new leads. You can test our Datarob chatbot and leave us request for analytics or lead generation consultation to see how it works.

Main benefits of chatbots for lead generation vs. standard contact form:

  • 24/7 availability

  • More smart input form

  • Higher conversion rate than for a regular chat

  • People love new features and innovation and if your bot is really cool they make an order

Lead Generation Chatbot

Outbound lead generation

Email outreach. Direct email leads

Yes. Email works excellently in 2019 if you use proper message tailored to your manually selected contacts. Email outreach proves to be highly effective for online services, software tools for users, B2C services.

Online advertising, including PPC

All methods work perfectly when you use all of them at the same time. But PPC can work independently and relying on your landing pages or social media pages.

You can launch campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google search including Gmail. Don't forget about re-marketing so your website visitors can come back later and order.

LinkedIn lead generation

You can send messages manually or automatically from your LinkedIn and Xing account. It may seem counterintuitive, but this method still works.

There are a lot of different utilities and tools to automate lead generation, but their usage can lead to banning of your account.

Messenger lead generation

You can use WhatsApp for marketing and lead generation. Depending on your region, you can select among WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.  

Think about collecting business cards at conferences you are attending to further contact their owners. Cold calling will not be equally effective, as it causes a lot of negativity. With messengers, it's essential to come up with a clear message and avoid spamming.

Lead generation specialist

Lead generation specialist can suggest a working portfolio of tested solutions. As Datarob team use them all time on regular base we can guarantee that our resultants will be better than any competitors or your staff.

It is a great idea to replace all routine job by hiring a lead generation specialist and then run system work with a marketing funnel. And your sales team will validate and gather requests from clients. Read more...

Market demand on data for outbound lead generation

At Datarob, we have a vast team of professionals focused on distinctive tasks. Mostly we utilize data provided by the customer and produce business advantage by generating insights. But often customers don't have any available data and need additional support to complete the puzzle.
You will be surprised, but it's not the best solution to focus solely on automated search and grabbing. It doesn't matter how smart your system is when you use the same data sources as the competitors or public sources.
The most competitive areas for lead generation are client data from open sources. The winning strategy here is to build a complex solution based on public data and innovative insights.
Datarob provides full services including a pool of Data Research and Lead generation specialists for business growth.

Lead Generation Companies for USA

Strategic Sales & Marketing

Strategic  Sales & Marketing (SSM) is a lead generation company based in  Farmington, Conn. Founded in 1989, SSM helps companies with lead  generation and appointment setting services focused on B2B major  accounts.  Typical clients are looking to reach the Owner, Director, VP  or C level of contact, have a sales cycle that requires multiple  touch-points, and uses a "solution sell process."

buy sales leads Datarob Lead Generation Agency


SalesRoads is a B2B appointment setting and lead generation provider  based in Coral Springs, Fla. that was established in 2006. SalesRoads provided outbound call services for a marketing agency to  generate more leads and increase sales. Their team conducted a discovery  period to garner information about the business and created a custom  script.

VSA, Inc.

VSA,  Inc. is a B2B telesales company headquartered in N.J.

They also have an office in Philadelphia. The company, founded in 2001,  has a team of 100 people who specialize in voice services. They mostly  work with mid-market businesses, but also have small and enterprise  clients.  Working across industries, they have built expertise in the  health care, education and  manufacturing and logistics industries.

Lead Generation Companies for EU market


Kyiv, Ukraine

Wow24-7  is an omnichannel customer outsourcing company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Founded in 2016, Wow24-7 provides non-voice BPO/back office services and  voice services.

Best Lead Generation Company

According Clutch.io, Cience Technologies is the best lead generation company.

CIENCE Technologies

Los Angeles, CA (head office), but real location of  Cience staff :

  • Ukraine -265 emplyees
  • Philippines -142
  • USA - only 31, including fake sales accounts

100% of researchers have a university degree (c) Cience web site.

Check public information from LinkedIn:

Lead Generation Cience staff location.png

CIENCE offers human-driven and machine-powered solutions for lead generation (non absolutely truth as it's most manual job).
The CIENCE Outbound process starts with highly-accurate, bespoke  research on target audiences. It then continues through multi-channel  outreach and engagement in order to maximize qualified appointments set.
Customers benefit from more targeted leads, predictable pipeline, and  greater revenue. Our people-as-a-service (PaaS) model offers maximum  results as cost-effectively as possible.

Better than Cience best lead generation company

For premium-quality leads, you have work with people who understand your domain specifications and are able to work better than a machine learning algorithm.

Datarob is a client-oriented Lead Generation Company.

Our goal is to develop your premium lead generation strategy:

  1. Only cutting-edge domains: IT, software, consulting, innovation, social influence
  2. Pulling the best employees from CIENCE and other competitive companies. 1 out of 10 pass our interview.
  3. Minimum 3 years in lead generation and data research
  4. Only staff with a university degree - no fakes
  5. No newbie students, only experts with proven profiles
  6. Our dedicated expert team works only for ONE Client
  7. The real expert team in digital marketing, software development, and understanding of our Clients' domain
  8. Machine learning expertise for data sources analyze, HR assistant tools, automated contact clearing
  9. We are ready for Enterprise

Contact us https://datarob.com/contact/

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