Canadian Lead Generation – Top Companies Review

The first step in business for making sales is known as lead generation. The purpose of lead generation in Canada is to get inquiries prospects to turn them into the best business leads and convert them into long-lasting customers.

When the salesperson has enough budget and connects to the best leads advisor, while at the same time the salesperson has an objective for the product or service, then the chances of making extreme sales are high. A good lead generation company will help make sales, business development, marketing activities, and lead generation. Let us highlight the best lead generation companies in Canada below:

best lead generation companies in Canada
Best Lead Generation Companies in Canada


AppointmentSetter is a business to business lead generation firm and appointment setting with a team of professionals. The company is located in Toronto, Canada, and you can call 416.855.9209 for enquires and services. AppointmentSetter’s main objective is to maintain a great relationship between the clients and potential customers by ensuring the products and services meet all the requirements before delivering to customers. If you have a small or medium business within Canada and the USA, team up with AppointmentSetter to get the best services overall.

MyMo Leads

MyMo Leads provides B2B outbound telephone lead generation services. MyMo leads a company located in Toronto, Canada, and you can get in touch through 1-888-701-4191.

However, many lead generation companies deal with inbound marketing through the digital aspect; MyMo leads to focus on the phone as the main option because of the human, personal, and authentic touch.

Although MyMo Leads is a new company helping clients through the professional team of experts in communication, running campaigns, enhancing business performance, and improving overall sales.


ADSC is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and you can get in touch through 416.362.1963. ADSC (Applied Direct Services Corporation) is a company specialized in handling services related to sales and marketing to ensure all the sales are made in the right manner and to achieve more sales. ADSC operates from North America on a hyper-competitive environment, enterprise-wide, and other places globally. If you have a tech industry, are you are searching for extensive services, reach out to ADSC to uplift your business.

The ALEA Group

Having been in the industry for over twenty-three years, The ALEA Group focuses on providing the best for every business. The company gives technical marketing advice and support programs to help any type of business to achieve its customer needs. It does not matter whether the business is small, medium, or an already established business. The ALEA Group offer equal services according to the business needs.

The ALEA Group will help you identify new sales opportunities by creating the best prospects for your products and services. The goal of ALEA is to filter leads for clients through analyzing each prospect and ensuring everything is in order. Get in touch with ALEA Group and save your time, effort, and resources through 905.709.4606. The company is located in Richmond Hill, Canada


VOXDATA has been supplying outsourced call center services every day, 24 hours since 1995, to meet our customer’s requirements. The company has handled over 250 call programs that have turned out successfully. There are Toronto and Montreal social and economic centers. VOXDATA experts can serve French and English speaking clients professionally. Transparency and openness are the main objectives of the company

The company strives to become the leading outsourcer of personalized and improved contact center solutions. The team is friendly and will give your clients a room to express themselves clearly so that they can feel comfortable.

VOXDATA uses emerging technologies, industry expertise, and other best practices to collaborate with other partnerships to deliver the best contact center and offer the required solutions.

VOXDATA is located in Montreal, Canada, and you can contact them through 514.871.1920

York Consulting

York Consulting has been in operation since 2000 as a lead center specialized in B2B businesses such as software, technology, and manufacturing, among others. York Consulting is located in Toronto, Canada, and you can get in touch through 416.410.2222. The company serves clients from North America by providing sales and marketing services to uplift the business's operation. If you are searching for a way to introduce an extra product, service, idea, technology, or feature, then reach out to York consulting and add value to your marketing system.

Gatestone & Co

Located in Toronto, Canada, Gatestone & Co. is a call center and accounts receivable company that is private. The company's goal is to concentrate on several government bodies, large financial organizations, and utility companies in the USA and Canada. Gatestone & Co. has been in operation since 1978 and has gained adequate experience to handle business needs, both national and international. Get in touch with Gatestone & Co. via 1.800.900.4238 and get the best lead generation solutions for your business needs.

3C Contact Services

If you are searching for a company to offer both inbound and outbound solutions for your business while uplifting the business operations, then 3C Contact Services is what you are looking for. Located in Concord, Canada, 3C Contact Services is an outsourcing and offshoring agency specialized in building the best relationship between your business and customers. The company analyzes the possible causes of why the business isn’t succeeding as required and offer adequate advice and solution depending on the relationship between the customers with cross-selling and up-selling ideas. Reach out to 3C Contact Services via 905-669-1937 and get the best excellent customer-related services.

One Touch Solutions

Located in Oakville, Canada, One Touch Solutions is specialized in delivering successful solutions to your business. The company provides the best services aimed at creating the best platform for your business. The main purpose of One Touch Solutions is to create a personalized solution to enable the customers to realize the values of the products or services. The company also relieves the clients from other activities so that they can concentrate on other activities in the office while other tasks are on track. Get in touch with One Touch Solutions via +1.647.724.8755 and get the best solution for your business.

Conclusion. How to hire a proper Canadian lead generation company?

You must strive to see your business reach new levels after some time. As a result, you must implement the best marketing strategies that will help you get more customers and sell more of your products and services. However, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself. If you are in Canada, you can get in touch with the above lead generation companies, and your sales story will never be the same again.

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