Qualified Leads

Datarob helps clients boost business with innovative multi-channel outreach.

We deliver data research and provide a full-cycle B2B lead generation service, leaving you the job of closing deals.

We are your quantum box that provides a continuous stream of qualified leads.

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Local lead generation vs outsourcing


Saves businesses leaders from routine work.


Data researchers know a lot of tool and lifehacks how to obtain new data. Then can find a NEW lead for your business


Cost-effective solution. 2 dollars per lead


Understanding the cost of client engagement and conversion, you can develop a plan for business growth. As a lead generation agency, Datarob can provide validated and hot leads.

B2B lead generation agency checklist

The checklist below will help you find out if we can help with sales leads:

  1. You are located in an English-speaking region with high salaries (USA, UK or EU).
  2. Your sales team wastes their time on routine activities, or you don’t do any outbound services at all.
  3. You know your client profile well, know how to sell, you just need to reach those clients.
  4. You are ready to bring your business up to speed.
  5. You don't know how to boost a business just for 2,000 USD per 1000 new potential clients.

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Lead generation service – how it works

Obtain new leads in 5 simple steps

1. Understand your customer profile and market niche

We begin with onboarding to understand your business domain and put together your real customer profile.

2. Data Research

Combining experienced data researchers and smart tools, we generate custom contacts and data accounts.

3. Design individual data compain

We develop a dedicated campaign to touch Clients by mail, LinkedIn, Messages or phone. You can control the stream of leads and busy days to create a comfortable schedule for your sales team. After you divide the workload, you will only need to respond to the warm leads who are highly interested in your product / service.

4. Continuous improvement. A/B Testing

You will obtain hot leads daily. But we don’t stop improvement and continue to modify our smart outreach. It’s a long data journey.

5. Dedicated team

The main goal to build a cheap but extra effective distributed sales team. You can invest in education of your own ninjas and reap all the benefits of a lead generation company.

Why we do lead gen better

For premium-quality leads, you need to work with people who understand your domain specification and can work better than a machine learning algorithm.

Our vision on how to develop a premium lead generation agency:

  1. Datarob focuses on cutting-edge domains: IT, software, consulting, innovation, social influence.
  2. Pulling the best employees from CIENCE, BANT and other competitive companies. 1 out of 10 pass our interview.
  3. Staff with minimum 3 years of experience in lead generation and data research.
  4. 20 years expertise it IT business for founders and core team.
  5. Strong understanding of limitations of compliance regulation, GDPR, NDA policies, and corporate security.

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... that is the leadgen question for a business

Let's discuss our next steps. Select an option with which you agree with the most.

1. Stay in touch

You are interested in lead generation but are not ready to spend money yet. Stay in touch, leave your mail and we will send you one email be-weekly with the hottest leadgen insights.

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2. Free hot leads

We generate and research 50-100 contacts of your potential clients, which you can try to convert into Clients by reaching them out yourself. Because we don’t know your business yet, we won’t be able to create the best message and develop a customer engagement strategy. But give us some time...


3. Month with money-back guarantee

Do you want to give a try to the power of a lead generation factory?

Datarob provides a money-back guarantee for the first month. If expert team does not provide coverage for the agreed KPIs, we’ll provide a refund.

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