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We helps clients boost business and and provide a full-cycle B2B lead generation service, providing a continuous stream of qualified leads

Local lead generation vs outsourcing

Lead generation service – how it works

Obtain new leads in 5 simple steps

1. Onboarding setup

We together understand your business domain, market niche and put together your Ideal Customer Profile.

2. Data Research

Combining experienced data researchers and smart tools, we generate custom contacts and data accounts.

3. Design outreach compain

We develop a dedicated campaign to touch Clients by mail, LinkedIn, Messages or phone. You will only need to respond to the warm leads who are highly interested.

4. Continuous improvement. A/B Testing

You will obtain hot leads daily. But we don’t stop improvement and continue to modify our smart outreach. It’s a long data journey.

5. Dedicated team

The main goal to build an effective distributed sales team. You can invest in your own ninjas and reap all the benefits of a own lead generation company.

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Why we do lead gen better

For premium-quality leads, you need to work with people who understand your domain specification and can work better than a machine learning algorithm.

Our vision on how to develop a premium lead generation agency:

  1. Datarob focuses on cutting-edge domains: IT, software, consulting, innovation, social influence.
  2. Pulling the best employees from CIENCE, BANT and other competitive companies. 1 out of 10 pass our interview.
  3. Staff with minimum 3 years of experience in lead generation and data research.
  4. 20 years expertise in IT business for founders and core team.
  5. Strong understanding of limitations of compliance regulation, GDPR, NDA policies, and corporate security.

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