Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS

The process of and maintaining new long term customers is known as Outbound Lead Generation. The idea of outbound lead generation revolves around the marketer or salesperson contacting potential leads by sending the very first message. The process can be done via cold calls such as phone calls, direct mail, or direct emails.

However, the process of outbound lead generation isn't a walk in the park. It requires time and other resources, such as money from the marketing departments. There have been arguments about the importance of lead generation strategies in recent years. Up to date, several software organizations use inbound marketing techniques for their marketing activities. Although outbound seems outdated, the method is effective, especially when incorporated with the latest technology trends.

Pass Relevant Message

When contacting potential leads, the sales representatives should put the following should be put into consideration to drive the message home:

  • Communicate to the ongoing leads about any given changes but assure them that you are doing the best to give the best services. Also, inspire them to highlight some of the changes they are experiencing.
  • Ensure the strategies you use delivers the required message appropriately without causing any alarm
  • Be considerate with your current and future leads so that they can get the message without feeling the burden.

In the end, your objective is to generate more leads and take the business to the next level. Ensure you mention about your commitment to maintaining quality products and services so that you can win more business prospects and more leads.

Handling Expectations:

Since many people have to work remotely, at their homes, you must understand there is a big difference between the office environment and home environment. First of all, the routine and operational procedures will change. This means that sudden changes will have an impact on how the leads use their time.

To ensure you manage your expectations well, you must be as open as possible to the existing leads in that you notify them of any changes as early as possible to maintain a good relationship.

As you notify them of the changes, remember to assure them the quality of your services will remain high. You have put emergency measures into place to ensure all the operations keep running as usual. This is because SaaS services are a bit technical to maintain.

Plan for B2B SaaS Outbound Lead Generation Service

Before getting the prospects and generating leads, we have to strategize how we will handle the campaigns to get the required results. Below are the basic elements to consider first.

  • Creating profiles for ideal customers
  • Evaluating the strategies used in the current sales
  • Analyzing the uniqueness of your business
  • The outline for the sales process, sales hand-off, and outbound strategy
  • Plotting the integration of different channels
  • Stating the goals and KPIs

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Cold Emails

Customized cold emails are the best when it comes to outbound lead generation. We will use cold emails ides to generate important information from potential customers and create compelling emails.

We will set a new domain that is similar to your main domain, used to send cold emails. The idea is to safeguard your already existing email. In the end, you will get:

  • Continuing A/B testing and optimization of all campaigns
  • Two cold emails campaigns
  • Techniques on how to send emails and track performance progress.
  • Three emails per campaign
  • Well-customized emails.

Best Cold Messages via LinkedIn

Among the rising professional social networks is LinkedIn. The platform is growing steadily, and without any doubt, it is the best use when reaching out to potential prospects. We have a planned strategy we use when cold pitching via LinkedIn. In our working hours, we create lots of sales angles and pitches to promote your account through productive interactions. Just like any other marketer, we maintain cold messages to be positive, direct to the targeted audience, testable, simple & short, and a message that leads to connection.

Content Assets

This are resources that are written so that we can provide to you every quarter for the campaign.  We produce several content assets according to the area we need to put in more effort in the sales journey to achieve the objectives.

We concentrate on creating awareness and giving education in the first stages. We then display your content assets in different places. For instance, in cold emails, the content assets appear on your landing page.

We produce guides, white papers, product factsheets, reports, and case studies, types of content assets.

Landing Pages

The new domain under your name used for sending emails will help in hosting a new landing page with WordPress. We create one landing page that will be updated regularly. The purpose of the landing page is to show data that matches sales emails. As the page gets updated regularly, you will receive:

  • Landing page customization
  • Heatmaps and landing page recordings
  • 1x thank-you page
  • Call scheduling integration
  • 1x landing page each quarter
  • A/B testing landing pages
  • Analytics integration

Reporting and Lead Generation KPIs

You will get the progress of your campaigns two times a month. The progress report will have the following:

  • Email open rates
  • All the leads generated
  • All the LinkedIn leads generated
  • Cost per lead
  • Email click-through rates
  • The average number of touches to convert prospects into leads
  • Prospect segments ranked by performance
  • Email positive: negative replies ratio

It is evident that the sales process of software products have transformed big time, thanks to the technical developments. We are in a digital era where organizations can implement digital strategies in the world of marketing to make the sales process easy. However, some organizations find it hard to embrace the digital trend and uplift their services. In such cases, the SaaS organizations must engage in multi-sales strategies to generate more leads.

Multi-Channel Sales Approach for B2B Lead Generation

This approach includes several B2B sales and marketing channels operating simultaneously. The response rate of the multi-sale channel is 43% when compared to marketing automation, whose response rate is 3%. The best thing is that the channels used can either be offline or online. What matters is that the platforms selected are used to improve the sales of the product to the targeted market.