Best Lead Generation Companies and Services of 2021

If there’s one thing companies need to earn profit, it’s lead generation.

It’s one of the most important aspects of a company’s operations and without it, any product or service may never reach its target customers.

However, as important as this is to any company, it can be quite the challenge to execute. A lot of B2B companies initially struggle with their own lead generation efforts, which is why a significant number of them turn to outsourcing it.

After all, if you have the goal of gaining profit, why settle for half-baked leads when you can get qualified ones, right?

In this guide, you’ll know more about lead generation and the tell-tale signs that suggest you need to hire a researcher for lead generation company ASAP. If you're worried about outsourcing and not knowing which company to choose, don’t worry, we have that covered, too.

Plus, you’ll also get to see the top 10 lead generation companies of 2021.

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation—or lead gen, as a lot of people like to say it—is a simple concept. It’s just basically finding the right customers and making sure they become interested in the products and services that you offer.

Once you’re positive that they’re interested in the product or service you presented, that’s when you can call them a lead. Hence the term, lead generation.

Simple, right? It definitely is. The complicated part, however, falls into how you actually convert those customers from mere prospects to qualified leads.

This is a problem that a lot of companies encounter and perhaps, you’re one of them. In the next section, we’ll dive further into the details of whether or not you need help with your lead generation agency.

Signs That You Need Help With It

It may take a while before you actually see whether your in-house lead generation strategies are working or not.

But the first step in knowing whether you need help is looking out for the warning signs. The signs we’ll enumerate below are just some of the things you need to watch out for. If you find that you’re checking more boxes than leaving them blank, better get some help ASAP.

The tell-tale signs you should watch out for are the following:

You Don’t Have Enough Leads

You Don’t Have Enough Leads
You Don’t Have Enough Leads

Surely, the first thing that tells you something is wrong is when you don’t have enough leads, despite all your efforts—that is if you’ve invested enough in generating these leads.

If you’ve been working hard day and night to contact your potential customers and still end up with close to zero leads, then it’s time that you revisit your strategies and identify the reason why your numbers aren’t adding up.

You Don’t Connect With Decision Makers

When it comes to generating leads, you need to connect yourself to the very people who have the authority to make decisions because these are the type of people who will be your sales qualified leads.

Even though you get connected to employees who buy your product or service, if they’re not going to be the one to decide to work with your company in the long run, it’s still a loss on your part.

You’re Targeting the Wrong Customers

The best way to tell if you’re not reaching out to the right customers is through their willingness to pay for whatever it is you offer. If you’re offering a product or a service they can’t afford, there’s a rare chance they’ll turn into a lead, much less marketing qualified leads.

This is a sign that you’re targeting the wrong market, which also means that you’re wasting valuable resources trying to land customers.

You Get More Negative Feedback than Good

Unhappy customers will probably be your worst nightmare. Not only will they refuse to engage with your brand, but they’ll also tell everybody they know about their dissatisfaction—the very thing you want to avoid, considering the reach of social media nowadays.

Check your sales to see whether they’re happy or not. If your sales numbers spiked up, you know people have been talking about your product or service. If the numbers are down, then something’s up.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation
Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

You’re probably reading this section because chances are, your in-house lead generation strategies aren’t looking too good.

Don’t worry though, there’s still a way for you to save your company from future losses and that is to look into hiring one of the top sales lead generation companies.

Outsourcing may sound expensive and a bit nerve-wracking, but there are several benefits that might just convince you to take that leap of faith and finally see some progress.

Have the Right Data and Contacts

One of the more important aspects of outbound lead generation is having access to the right data, especially when you have a specific target market. Your in-house marketing team may not have access to this type of data, but the lead gen companies do.

More often than not, lead generation companies often have the right contact information of the very customers you want to reach which means that they’ll most likely help you achieve your target sales before you know it.

These companies are also great at using account-based marketing strategies that do the trick when you need intensive efforts at contacting key decision makers.

Utilize Effective Marketing Campaigns

Another major benefit that you get from outsourcing is that these companies know the right marketing campaigns to use to generate the right leads—whether it’s email marketing, content market, or even cold calls.

This may seem like something that your in-house team can do, but nothing truly beats the experience that these lead generation companies have.

Focus on Internal Operations

This is probably the most beneficial part of hiring a lead gen company. When you outsource the tough part, you get to focus on your internal operations such as improving your product or service.

Essentially, you put a lot of your energy into making sure that your customers are happy with what you offer which makes it easier for your chosen company to market your product or service.

Get the Results that You Want

And surely, you will get the results that you want. All the benefits we enumerated above will eventually give you the numbers and the profits you’ve hoped and prayed for.

But of course, this comes with choosing the right IT lead generation company for your lead generation. There are a lot of things to consider—all of which you can read in the next section.

Choosing the Right Lead Generation Company

Now that the benefits of outsourcing have—probably—convinced to give the daunting task of generating leads to industry experts, it’s time that you know how to choose the right one.

It’s essential that out of all the B2B lead generation companies out there, you will choose to invest in one that will meet your standards and will guarantee the results that you’re hoping for.

Here are some of the things that should guide you on deciding whether the company you’re interested in can guarantee results:

Has a Good Reputation

As with choosing any other service, you should do a background check and verify whether they’ve got good reviews or not. It’s good to note that the number of years they’ve been in business matters matters less than the results they’ve generated for their clients.

Experience also means that the company is capable and knowledgeable about the niche or industry you’re in. Nothing’s worse than working with a company who doesn’t know a thing about what you’re offering.

Uses the Right Technology

In this modern world, having the right technology means that you know how to keep up with the trend. Online lead generation companies, for example, know how to make digital tools work for them.

This comes in the form of automated processes that make it much easier to track and manage several aspects of the service they offer. When the company uses this kind of technology, you know they won’t invest in the right technology to improve their services.

If the B2B company you’re looking at uses the best tools for lead generation, like email marketing, content marketing, and LinkedIn campaigns, you know that you’re on the right track. These tools are considered to be some of this year’s best tools which is why you shouldn’t miss out on that.

Explains the Process

Before you decide to sign contracts, let them explain the entire process. You have to make sure that you understand every step of the way so that if anything happens, you won’t get lost in translation.

This also allows you to counter-check whether they’re really a great fit. Understand how they get the leads and how they qualify them. If their strategies make sense and are in line with what you had in mind, then you’ll definitely sleep better at night.

Works Well Within Your Budget

Since you’re a vendor yourself, make sure that the company you’re hiring is one that you can afford. Cost plays a huge factor in any business and in this case, it’s something that should be maximized.

Offers from different companies may feature different kinds of services. So, choose one that you know will give you what you need for the budget that you’ve set out.

If you’re interested in working with a company that truly takes these to heart, don’t hesitate to contact Datarob. You can even book a call with them today via