Insider Data about Ukrainian IT engineer and More. The New 2019 Review from DOU

We have reused the results of 10,000 survives conducted by DOU about a Ukrainian IT specialist. Thanks to our colleagues for the excellent report.

We can say that the IT industry has become stable and there are no significant changes as compared to 2018. The market is promising, salary stays on the same level, companies keep growing, and the future is bright. Go ahead and check out the report yourself!

Datarob Analytics Team

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Age of Ukraine IT Specialist

  • Up to 20 – 8%
  • 21-25 – 32%
  • 26-30 – 31%
  • 31-35 – 18%
  • 36-40 – 7%
  • 40+ – 3%

age of ukranian IT developer datarob

Gender of Ukraine IT Specialist

We can not say that the situation has changed, but women are becoming more and more competitive in the Ukrainian IT market:

Male – 76%

Female – 24%

Usually, a woman starts their career as QA, designer, software developer or another technical field.

Location of Ukraine IT Specialist

67% of specialists living in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Lviv. Kyiv all-time losing positions 3 points per 2018 and 5 from 2016. Lviv is the growth leader of Ukraine IT, city increase part from 12 to 15 percent.

  • Kyiv – 37%
  • Lviv – 15%
  • Odessa – 5%
  • Dnipro – 8%
  • Kharkiv – 14%
  • Zaporizhzhya – 2%
  • Ternopil – 2%
  • Outside Ukraine – 3%

location city of ukranian IT developer datarob

Title Position of Ukraine IT Specialist

38% of Ukrainian project Managers or Quality Assurance engineers are female. But if you look at software developers gender, it will be only 11%.

  • software developers – 53%
  • tester or quality assurance – 15%
  • HR – 6%
  • PM – 6%
  • Sales – 6%
  • business analyst – 3%
  • system administrator – 3%
  • designer – 3%

IT Experience Ukraine IT

IT engineers at the age of 21-25 broke into IT in the past year – 6%.

On average, developers and testers have 3-5 years of experience. There are more experienced developers located in Kiev than in Kharkiv, Lviv and Dnipro. The share of developers with experience of up to 2 years is 42%, 45% and 48%, respectively.

expirience years of ukranian IT developer datarob

Comparing the age and experience of respondents, only 1% of IT professionals over 30 years old have less than one year of experience in IT.

Grade of Ukraine IT specialist

There are no changes in grades distribution. In Kiev, the share of juniors is 22%. In Lviv, it reaches 33% (Lviv is the new IT capital of Ukraine). Also, Kyiv is the only Ukrainian city in which the share of Senior Specialists exceeds those of Junior.

grade and titles of ukranian IT developer datarob

Key factors in switching job for Ukraine IT

When choosing a new career, IT specialists are guided by salary, interest in tasks and the opportunity of professional growth. Most of all Junior Specialists are interested in professional growth (72%). The number decreases as the title goes up: among Middle specialists only 63% are concerned about the future career and 51% among Senior and Lead.

critical factors for ukranian IT developer datarob

Do you love what you do?

The most exciting developers find activities in startups and gaming industry. The most interesting positions are top managers, business analysts, designers, non-technical specialists. Being an engineer is still not so exciting.

how interesing job of ukranian IT developer datarob

Salary satisfaction Ukraine engineers and developers

Top managers and business analysts receive highest income. 17% of juniors are entirely dissatisfied with their salary, this number for seniors is only 5%.

salary satisfaction of ukranian IT developer datarob

Education Ukraine IT

87% of women in IT have higher education as opposed to 82% of men. However, women are less likely to have formal education related to programming –  41% vs. 61% in men. Among developers, 16% of specialists with non-core diplomas such as economics, management, etc. Among testers the number of such is 39%

  • University degree IT or Tecn 56%
  • University degree non tech 15%
  • University degree in economics or management 13%
  • Student 13%
  • School 4%

Companies business model for Ukraine IT

Every second Ukraine developer works in outsourcing, and every fourth is with the product company. One QA in outsourcing and product companies tests the work of three programmers, while in the startup, each tester supports six developers.

In outsourcing companies, gender balance is the best –  with the number of women reaching 28%. In product companies and startups, the number is 23% and 22%  , respectively.

IT companies business model outsourcing outstaffing product

  • Outsourcing 45%
  • Product 28%
  • Outstaffing 9%
  • Non IT company 4%
  • Startup 3%
  • Freelancer 3%

Level of English for Ukraine IT

Most developers and testers know English at the Intermediate and Upper-intermediate level. Business analysts, project managers and top managers are more fluent.

The English proficiency is higher in Lviv than in Kharkiv – 52% vs. 44% of those who are at the Upper level and above.

level of English Ukrainian IT specialists

  • Elementary level – 4%
  • Pre-intermediate – 16%
  • Intermediate – 34%
  • Upper-Intermediate – 34%
  • Advanced or more – 13%

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