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Linkedin automation is giving a new shape to prospecting and sales activities. Given the popularity and reach of LinkedIn among professionals, the latest automated marketing platform JetBuzz aims to bring a new edge and insight to business owners and marketing professionals' fingertips

Just imagine, JetBuzz allows for a campaign to be put on auto-pilot for months after the initial set-up. JetBuzz is your passport to reaping the full benefits of a professional network with the least hassle,

says Janette Bellerose of JetBuzz.‌‌‌‌

Your LinkedIn marketing automation

Spend less time. Find more leads. Grow sales.

JetBuzz campaigns for Linkedin automation
JetBuzz campaigns for Linkedin automation


Turn more LinkedIn contacts into customers

Find & Connect


JetBuzz  find and connect contacts, prospects and clients
JetBuzz find and connect contacts, prospects and clients

Find and bulk connect with people relevant to your mission.

Connection message


JetBuzz  connection message
JetBuzz connection message

Send personal invitation messages to your leads when inviting them to your network.

Automated messaging


JetBuzz automation messaging

Automatically address new connections with a personalized message, automatically follow-up a few days later, if there is no response.

Work smarter


JetBuzz  work smarte
JetBuzz work smarte

From marketing automation to contact management, JetBuzz gives you all the tools to transform your contacts into devoted customers.

JetBuzz Pricing


$35 / seat

Up to 500 results per search

10 saved searches

5 campaigns

2-way communication

Welcome message


$50 / seat

Up to 750 results per search

50 saved searches

25 campaigns

2-way communication

Welcome message

Custom connect message

Company & title search filter

Withdraw invites


$75 / seat

Unlimited results per search

Unlimited saved searches

Unlimited campaigns

2-way communication

Welcome message

Custom connect message

Company & title search filter

Withdraw invites

JetBuzz  FAQ

JetBuzz is your cloud-based LinkedIn sales automation solution. Start with creating a campaign. Setup personalized automated messages for a connection request, create a follow-up message to be sent a few hours or days after connecting, set another automated follow-up message if there is no response in a few days. Search for contacts by keyword and location. Add contacts to the campaign. See the response in a simple-to-use inbox. Respond directly from the JetBuzz panel. Mark prospects according to their interest.‌‌Just imagine, a one-time campaign setup can put your sales on autopilot for months. After your campaign is set up, you just sit back and relax while only responding to those leads who express interest in your product, service, etc.

How does JetBuzz work?

From one-person startups to multibillion-dollar corporations, JetBuzz was created to help businesses find, connect, and engage with prospects on LinkedIn.

Who is JetBuzz for?

We offer a 7-day free trial to let you confirm the value. No credit card required. You could use the trial with one LinkedIn account. The trial will run on a Business plan with a complete list of features. As the trial runs out, you could stay on the same plan or switch to one of the lower tiers.

Is there a free trial?

JetBuzz operates from the cloud, and works 24/7. As long as you have a browser, from Firefox to Safari, you are all set.

Is there anything I have to install on my computer?

LinkedIn has certain activity limits, such as 1000 profile views or 1500 page views per day. JetBuzz’s smart automation takes these and other factors into consideration. Connection requests and messages are sent with randomized time intervals, one at a time. JetBuzz limits the number of actions per day to assure your account safety. With a few hundred beta customers to date, all of the LinkedIn profiles are running smoothly.

Is JetBuzz safe to use?

We process payments with Stripe, a company that handles billions of dollars in payments every year, around the world. Stripe stores your credit card information in their safe vault. JetBuzz does not store your credit card info. JetBuzz has a Comodo SSL certificate; all activity on the site is encrypted.

Is my credit card info safe?

We do not store your LinkedIn password. You enter your password in an https encrypted environment; it is only used to sign in.

How can I be sure my LinkedIn password stays safe?

Freedom is our ideology. Plans are month-to-month. Cancel at any time. We do not refund once you paid for the month, however, so you can always make sure JetBuzz is exactly what you need with a 7-day free trial.

Is there a long-term contract?

On average, across industries, 36% of connection requests sent through JetBuzz are accepted. Around 4% reply to connection message. And 10% reply to further messages, a good reason to set up an automated follow-up message to be sent in a day or two if your new contact hasn’t replied to your connection message. The average account sends 65 connection requests and 26 automated and manual messages per day. Overall, numbers vary based on your profile quality, industry, and message content.

What are some metrics that I can rely on?

From searching for new contacts, to sending connection requests and tailored automated messages, to responding to a message from your contacts, all of the activity is simplest to handle within JetBuzz's sales-oriented interface.

Can I communicate with my contacts on JetBuzz?

We are always glad to answer your questions. Before you do, please sign up for our 7-day free trial, click on the 'Support' link in the top-right corner, and send us a message. We will get back to you shortly.

I have a question for you: how do I get in touch?

Start the free trial. Get JetBuzz today with a 7-day free trial, and then pay as you grow. You can cancel anytime. Click below to get started.