What results will I obtain with the lead generation agency?

Monthly package includes:

  • 4-10 new premium SQL leads (up to 20 in non-red niche)
  • Sales Appointment setting
  • 1000 potential Clients contacts
  • daily outreach compain for LinkedIn and mail
  • A/B testing
  • Copywriting
  • audit of the website, mail delivery, social media

Are only humans provide data research? What about catalogs like ZoomInfo?

You can search for contacts with catalogs' help, but you will never develop a custom list to find and contact them.

What is the main challenge of contact research?

GDPR and custom approach. Spam is forbidden, so you should have a clear strategy on how to reach your potential clients.

How many contacts can a data researcher gather?

Usually, it's near 70 contacts a day, but in some cases, it can be 10-1000.

Why does Datarob do contact research better than company employees?

The key is the staff quality. Datarob only interviews candidates with 2-3 years of commercial experience who have worked at other lead generation companies like Cience and Pilot.

But the main secret lies in the personal skills profile. Only 10% of people can do this job for an extended period. We use data magic to help teams with manual routines.

Can Datarob help with direct mail lead generation?

Yes, if you need more than 1,000 contacts per month.

What is the best cooperation model for contact research?

We are super flexible with our Clients and will suggest the best solution for you or choose from our time-tested models:

  • Dedicated lead generation specialist – you own ninja
  • Project-based - try service with fix bid payment
  • Contacts as a service – professional project team to fulfill your requirements

Is there a trial period for lead gen?

All good things start with a free trial. We believe that you will stay with us!

Who from my Company will be involved in lead generation?

Typically there are the leading roles, but it can be the same person:

  • A sales executive who works with hot validated leads
  • Escalation manager to resolve issues and for monthly reporting
  • Content marketer to approve all messages and texts for responses

What my team obtains from Datatob except for leads?

We do all steps together, but as a minimum, you will have:

  • several ICPs templates and outreach statistic
  • a huge database of contacts of potential clients

How do I start a lead generation business?

  1. Focus on how you will generate the leads:
  2. LinkedIn and mail outreach
  3. FB, Google, and other Ads
  4. Content and SEO

2. Become expert in your niche

3. Use your way to find your first Clients

4. If you unlucky as Datarob to help find you, new CLients, for lead generation

Is lead generation sales or marketing?

Both, but lead generation is more marketing than the sales process. Lead generation working with contacts based on ICP, responded contacts and marketing leads (MQL), and after lead began qualified as Sales lead (SQL) is transferred for the sales team.

Lead generation is the most routine and automated part of the sales and marketing processes, and you can easy outsource it.

B2B lead generation checklist

The checklist below will help you find out if we can help with sales leads:

  1. Your Clients are located in an English-speaking region with high salaries (USA, UK or EU).
  2. Your sales team wastes their time on routine activities, or you don't do any outbound services at all.
  3. You know your client profile well, know how to sell, you just need to reach those clients.
  4. You are ready to bring your business up to speed.
  5. You don't know how to boost a business just for 2,000 USD per 1000 new potential clients.